Different Types Of Harassment

Harassment is a misdemeanor offense. It is defined as any conduct that is made with the intent to cause individual distress or alarm. This can include things like making inappropriate comments, sending unwanted emails, or following someone around.

It is important to remember that harassment is not limited to physical contact; it can also be verbal harassment.  Harassment is not just a trivial offense that people can get away with, it can be considered a misdemeanor offense. There are different types of harassment that fall under this category, and they all have different consequences.

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Consequences of Harassment

The consequences of harassment depend on the type of harassment that occurred. Generally speaking, harassing behavior can result in the following:

1. Offensive or intimidating communications- This includes anything from verbal statements to physical contact. If the communication is severe enough, it could even lead to criminal charges.

2. Tampering with witnesses or evidence- This includes trying to intimidate or influence someone who may have seen or heard the harassment happening. It could also involve destroying or altering evidence related to the harassment.

3. Intentional disruption of school, work, or other activities- This can include anything from making loud noises to throwing objects around. If the disruption causes significant damage or injury, it could be considered a felony offense.

4. Bullying- This refers to any kind of intentional act designed to harm or intimidate another person. Bullying can take many forms, including online bullying and cyberbullying.

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