Dead Sea Salt Baths

Dead Sea salt is derived from the waters of the Dead Sea located on the shores of Israel, Jordan and West Bank. As a result of its location and high concentration of minerals, the Dead Sea is known as "The Land of Salt". However, the term "salt" is not used in Dead Sea salt rather it refers to sulphur and other minerals naturally present in the waters. In fact, the landlocked region of the Dead Sea has the highest concentration of salt in the world.

When people think of Dead Sea salt, they usually conjure up images of resorts in the Jordan Desert that is speckled with fine white sand and billowy palm trees. These are all part of the image of the Dead Sea as a relaxing oasis. While the Dead Sea Salt does have these qualities, it is also known for the heavy concentration of minerals many times averaging more than 100 pounds of salt! This is one reason that many consumers choose to purchase a salt shaker made with Dead Sea salt instead of ordinary table salt.

So, why does Dead Sea salt have so much extra minerals? One of the most important reasons is that the Dead Sea is able to increase the blood's absorption of water, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Because of this ability, the mineral content of the Dead Sea is able to reach up to 10 times that of regular oceanic mineral content.

It is this higher concentration of minerals that has led to increased popularity of Dead Sea salts and products made from them. As with many other skin care products, a lot of the products featuring salt from the dead sea concentrate a specific ingredient that is called for in the treatment of dry skin. Products like this tend to contain ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a foaming agent used to help exfoliate dead skin cells. The popularity of products containing this ingredient have led to a great number of ointments, gels and soaps containing it being sold on the market. It is because of this compound's ability to provide deep cleaning of the skin that has led to its use as a key ingredient in many skin products.

In addition to helping to reduce the look of dry skin, products using dead sea salt tend to work towards improving the skin cells' health as well. Because they help to encourage the development of new skin cells, these products can also help to diminish the appearance of the fine lines and wrinkles that people with psoriasis may have. Psoriasis tends to be caused by the skin cells of the outermost layer of the skin becoming too stressed. Over time, they fail to function properly and collagen production becomes significantly lower. These poor cells eventually turn to a form of fat known as 'free fatty acids' that exacerbate the skin condition and cause the redness, itchiness and thickening that characterize psoriasis.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this ingredient's effect on psoriasis is that its effect is not caused solely by the presence of sulphur. When sodium chloride is mixed with certain other chemicals, it forms sodium silicate. This substance has been found to be as effective as sulphur in treating many of the symptoms associated with the condition. However, when these two compounds are combined, they are even more effective. By creating a very high amount of silica, the Dead Sea salt causes the skin to become loaded with this mineral. This not only helps to address the deficiency of silica in the skin, but also makes the sodium silicates much less sticky.

With all the benefits associated with the use of Dead Sea salt for psoriasis, it is no surprise that this treatment is extremely popular amongst sufferers. Although there is no single chemical that is responsible for curing psoriasis, it is thought that it is due to the fact that silica and magnesium have the effect of improving the efficiency of the cells that form collagen under the skin. When these cells work more efficiently, they are better able to send signals to the different parts of the immune system about inflammation and damage. The increased efficiency means that more of the red blood cells reach the skin cells, which help repair the skin faster. It is therefore believed that the redness of psoriasis is actually increased through the action of these two compounds on the skin cells.

It is not just the redness of the skin that can be helped by the use of Dead Sea salt baths. Many people who suffer from inflammatory conditions such as eczema and psoriasis benefit from having a bath or shower with this highly concentrated natural ingredient. As well as reducing the inflammation that these skin conditions cause, it also helps to soothe and relax the muscles that are damaged by these conditions. Some people believe that it also helps to improve the flow of energy within the body, as it is believed to contain high levels of potassium and sodium. All of these things combine to give Dead Sea salt baths a reputation as being highly beneficial, especially for those people who suffer from ongoing problems with inflammation and pain.