Chiropractic Therapy and Sports

Chiropractic therapy deals with the musculoskeletal problems encountered by patients. Since sports injuries are often musculoskeletal in nature it can be expected that chiropractors would be useful for treating some of these injuries and disabilities. If you want to get massage therapy in Frederick MD then you can visit

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However, though chiropractic therapy has been around for more than a hundred years traditional medicine practitioners do not always recommend chiropractors.

One reason for this is that even amongst chiropractors there is a difference of opinion on how the injuries and disabilities should be approached.

There is a conservative passive approach that limits itself to the manipulation of the spine and there is a more active approach that includes more options.

Therefore when a traditional doctor wants to recommend a chiropractic practitioner then it is useful for the doctor to know about the approach of the chiropractor he hopes to recommend.

It has been suggested that those chiropractors who use an active and broader approach are more successful in treating sports-related injuries.

It is not easy to know if a chiropractor is classical and uses a conservative approach or is modern and uses a more liberal approach which includes aspects of traditional medicine.

For example, this information will not usually be available in advertisements. Therefore a visit to the chiropractor can be planned and more details obtained.

The therapy when used to treat sports-related musculoskeletal injuries has resulted in a benefit to the patient. Being drug-free is a big advantage for the therapy.

Even routine drugs have been known to have impacted the careers of sportspersons because the same or similar drugs have been abused and are illegally used for performance enhancement.

Another potential advantage of the therapy is that at times it gives results fast. For a sportsperson that will mean a faster return to the sport. For sportspeople who have important events that are imminent this potential benefit is very useful.