Child Support Lawyer: Steps of Mediation

Instead of working in an office the child support lawyer can also spend time with his client during mediation. In most cases parents love their kids and want to ensure they have the most time with their children.

Once custody has been decided the next step is to decide whether one parent is owed by each other a monthly financial allowance to help pay the costs of raising the children. Mediation is a solution to the usual dispute that usually ensues. You can find the best child support advocate in Honolulu via online.

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Before entering mediation, consult your lawyer for child support about the information you will need to bring during the mediation sessions. It is crucial to know the potential pitfalls and the kinds of questions you might be given. Consider writing the daily schedule of yours as well as your children. 

A Mediation Meeting

When mediation is scheduled the couple will create an agenda of matters that require to be resolved. Many couples decide to talk regarding financial issues and custody of children in the same session because they are likely to be related to each other. There must be a clearly defined agenda to ensure everyone is aware of what's going to be discussed and the issues that require resolution.

Find a way to reach an agreement

The goal is to get an agreement in place by the finalization in the process of mediation. Get your child support lawyer to review the final agreement to verify what was talked about and agreed upon. Any issues that are not resolved must be dealt with through the courts.