California Sexual Harassment Training

As of 2006, employers in California must comply with AB1825 sexual harassment law. This law mandates employers to provide sexual harassment training to all supervisors in their organizations. This law has different needs in different states and must be strictly adhered to.

All businesses with more than 50 employees must provide training to their supervisors. The 50 employee threshold includes all part-time and full-time employees in an organization.  For example, if a company has 40 part-time employees and only 10 full-time employees even then they have to train their supervisors under the guidelines.

Supervisors must be trained for at least two hours every two years. New supervisors must be trained within six months of hire. This training should consist of all aspects of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation, including prevention, correction of problems and solutions available for victims.

Training should be interactive – lecture or video should be accompanied by a question and answer session or interactive role-play. Employers must keep thorough records of the training to prove that they are in compliance.