Build Your Own Climbing Frame

When you choose what you like in your climbing frame, you should consider your child's size and layout dimensions, but also your child's age and you will think about the features you are interested in. You can find the best outdoor climbing frame via online.

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Swings are one of the most popular features, and our climbing frames are often also known as ‘swing sets’. This is because many people start their search looking for garden swings, then realize that they can not only get swings for the garden, they can get a complete garden playset which includes swings, plus swing accessories, such as a trapeze bar or 2-child glider.


Slides are one of the most commonly searched for features, and Climbing Frames have the largest selection of climbing frame slides available. We stock multiple lengths of straight slides and tube slides. 

Some of our climbing frames include more than one type of slide, so if this is what your children love then they’ll be thrilled with these garden playgrounds.

Climbing Frame Kits

Our ready-for-home-build climbing frame kits come with everything you need for your climbing frame build, except for the tools. All hardware, wood, and accessories are included, so once you’ve chosen a playset with the right features, which fits in the space you have available in your garden you can expect to receive a flat-pack climbing frame kit