Basics of Freight Transportation & Logistics

Many companies, from small businesses to large corporations, are constantly looking for freight transport services that will keep up with their growth. This guide to freight transport will provide you with all the information you need about freight services to make the best decisions for your company.

Even for experienced business owners, international and domestic shipping can be complex. There are many variables involved, so it is important to hire the right freight transportation facilities. It is important to partner with third-party logistics providers that can handle:

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Third-party logistics are companies that handle distribution and fulfillment services for businesses. These companies allow businesses to concentrate on the important things, such as growth and customer service, rather than filling orders or researching transpiration data, which can take a lot of resources.

Trucking & Transportation

A reliable 3PL can manage freight shipments between your warehouse and your factory, or between your warehouse and buyers – or both. These types of services are usually priced based on:

  • The origin place
  • Destination location
  • A shipping method is required
  • Delivery time is required (expedited freight often carries an extra cost).

Global freight is very similar. In many cases, your 3PL can handle your export duties and taxes.

Distribution & Warehousing

A 3PL will be required to handle warehousing, distribution, and other tasks as your business grow. This type of 3PL can handle storage, shipping, and returns. You should choose a 3PL that offers end-to-end tracking. This will show you where your products are at all times, down to the units of measure if needed.