Are There Any Alternatives to Asbestos Removal?

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If you know there’s asbestos in your home or office, get it removed without a second thought. Those tiny fibers are hidden to the human eye and you can’t see them just like that. However, a professional can use testing methods and equipment to know if your place is infected.

But you might be wondering, if asbestos was that dangerous, how did the world survive so long when it was used legally. There’re several reasons to justify this. One of the strongest points is that illness caused by asbestos takes years to develop. So, if you have inhaled those dangerous fibers recently, you might not see any health issues in the coming years (or even a decade). Cancer caused by asbestos, mesothelioma, appears after around 15 years of exposure to those tiny fibers.

Is It Possible to Live with Asbestos?

Yes, you can but when exposed, you will eventually get deadly health issues. However, there are chances that you may live with asbestos without getting infected. The reason for this is that the fibers aren’t dangerous until they are disturbed. This means a material containing asbestos won’t pose a threat if you leave it as it is.

How About Sealing Asbestos?

That again refers to leaving the infected area undisturbed. And if you know the right approach to sealing the contaminated area or material, you might find the desired alternative.

But none of these is suggested as whenever a natural or manmade cause disturbs asbestos, it will spread in the air and spread quickly. This will cause health hazards for everyone around. Thus, it’s always a good idea to hire Newcastle asbestos removal and testing experts to do the job and ensure total safety.