Are Old Testament Copies Of The Bible Different From The New Ones?

There is practically no difference between the copies and fragments of the Bible written after Jesus' death and the copies of the Old Testament that were written hundreds of years before Christ. Some of the facts surrounding what is available in early copies of the Bible, as compared to other widely accepted and undisputed ancient texts.

Today there are more than 5,000 manuscripts and fragments of the Bible written between AD 120. and 300 AD There are more than 8,000 ancient translations of Jerome's Latin Vulgate from the late 4th century in existence.  You can learn and easily see 6017 years of Biblical and world history together by browsing the internet.

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Caesar's Gallic Wars were written in the 1st century BC. and the oldest copy available dates back to 900 AD. and only 10 copies have survived. So, compared to other ancient documents, the evidence supporting the accuracy of the Bible is overwhelming.

Masoretes were professional copyists in the Jewish faith. Bearing this great responsibility, they took care to translate everything with complete precision, despite the fact that each manuscript was completely handwritten.

The Masoretic texts were all in capital letters and there were no punctuation or paragraphs in the text. They numbered every word and letter in every verse in every Old Testament book.

The Masoretes counted many times the number of each letter used in each particular book, they calculated the middle verse, the middle word, and the middle letter of each book. These calculations were then compared to the known values from which they copied the text. If the values were the same, they knew that the copy was completely accurate.