About Whisky Investment Process

Whisky investment markets provide high liquidity, and a variety of options for exits that are both international and domestic.

At present, the average time to execute for clients taking their money out stands at 4.2 days, however this can be different based on the size of the portfolio. You can visit https://www.vintageacquisitions.com/whisky-cask-investment-guide/for more information about whiskey investment in Uk.

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The Journey Begins

All whisky casks provided to the clients are owned by VCL Vintners- or do not operate on an ‘Option to Sell’ basis. Where you see a stock listed for sale, it is owned by us. 

Cask Selection

After you have spoken with your broker at the cask and have made a choice about your level of comfort in investing The broker will give you an investment recommendation via the method of a “Certificate of Acquisition that outlines the details for the cask. A certified copy is required together with the documents to prevent money laundering (Photo Identification and Utility Bill).

Transfer of Ownership

After receiving your signed documentation and funds transferred in total, you will be provided with an invoice, your unique Cask Number, and the details of the HMRC authorized bonding facility located in Scotland that is currently storing your cask.

Cooling-Off Period

Within a short time, an employee or our staff will reach out to you in our process of ensuring you’re satisfied and have received an excellent level of professional service. Because this is typically within seven days of your purchase and the Distance Selling Act ensures that you are entitled to return your money if you’re unsatisfied with the purchase.