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Ted Talks: Making Patch Notes Cool

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1985FM Podcast – Ted Talks: Making Patch Notes Cool

Big show this week, with lots of next-gen news surfacing throughout the week.

  • Batman releases start off the show
  • Battlefield 4 comparisons are everywhere and the 1985FM staff discusses the noticeable differences, and who comes out on top
  • 720p v. 1080p struck a nerve this week
  • HDD space with next-gen games
  • to SDD or not SDD
  • Hands-on impressions of the Dual Shock 4
  • Sony’s Day-one patch reinvents patch notes

As always, you can send your questions into the 1985FM podcast via the front page tab, or message us directly at Randy@1985FM.com

Hope you enjoy the show and are just as excited as we are for the new systems!!

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