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Illuminati EXPOSED in Pokemon iPhone App

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December 10, 2012, we reported on the release of the Pokemon iPhone app. It has been our second most Googled story and we investigated further into its success. What we found was shocking. It is a story that can only be seen here on 1985FM. We will expose the Illuminati and its involvement with the Pokemon iPhone App.

What do you see in the picture above? A screenshot of iOS devices running the Pokemon app. Look again! After enhancing the image with our top of the line image enhancement software, we found an image that looked eerily similar to that, of the great Tom Selleck.

We didn’t stop there. One of our top analysts, Nathan Mayer, had discovered an even darker secret that this image had held. An image, that would change the way we see the Pokemon universe forever.

After superimposing the image to optimum capacity in the contrast setting, we saw the symbol of the one and only Illuminati, “The Enlightened.” The secret society, home to some of the worlds most powerful and influential people. Icons such as David Rockefeller, Bill Clinton, and powerhouse pop-star Beyoncé Knowles.

Coincidence? Absolutely not! There can be signs found in every episode of the Pokemon TV show as well as its video game counterparts. Don’t believe me?

Here, we have what looks to be just a single snapshot. Who could have guessed that this scene had contained so many obvious signals. When we look closer, none of it can be unseen.

The signals are clearer than ever. There is a shadow government ruling us all, and explains how Nintendo and the Pokemon company are able to put out the exact same game for more than 10 years without complaint. It is clear, to stop the Illuminati’s control over the global economy, we must eliminate the need to catch them all.

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