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FarCry 3 PC Performance Tip

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PC gamers want the best visuals they can get out of their systems, but some games demand a certain amount of tweaking. While this isn’t a complete guide, there is a feature that people don’t really understand or know about.

The Ambient Occlusion setting makes ALL the difference. Depending on what card you are running, changing the SSAO Method setting can almost double your framerate.

So what is SSAO?

Screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) is a rendering technique for efficiently approximating the well-known computer graphics ambient occlusion effect in real time. It was developed by Vladimir Kajalin while working at Crytek and was used for the first time in a video game in the 2007 Windows game Crysis made by Crytek. (Wikipedia)

To change this setting, from the main menu, go to Settings, then Video. From here, you will see SSAO Method.

If you are using an nVidia card, select HBAO.

If you are using an AMD card, select HDAO.

The generic setting is SSAO, but the effect is exaggerated and doesn’t look good.

Hoped this helped for those of you who want that extra “umph” out of your FarCry experience, and hopefully this will enable you to push your settings a little higher.

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